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Promotion Video

Open Cyber University of Korea Promotional Video

It doesn’t become a road when you don’t pass through. Your new road will be opened to you at the Open Cyber University of Korea.
Open a wider road to knowledge at the Open Cyber University of Korea.

Why need to choose the Open Cyber University of Korea!!
The first cyber university in Korea! Largest-scale academic exchange! Outstanding education contents! The education system that provides everyone to have a change to learn, regardless of disability! Practical education with leading domestic enterprises!

Let’s take a closer look at our university.
Open Cyber University of Korea was selected as the first test-operating cyber university in Korea in February 1998. Since then, it has been a leading university in cyber education as the first cyber university in Korea. Our campus is the largest-scale cyber campus in Korea that involves various academic exchanges from 73 distinguished universities in Korea, where it is providing about 400 excellent professional joint courses recommended by the chancellors from each university. The cumulative number of students exceeded 2 million by the year 2017.
The faculty our university consists of outstanding professors from a number of domestically internationally renowned schools and is providing practical education. We are creating various excellent contents and educational programs, including the Korea's first responsive web design and the learning object-style education, and proving our quality through the certifications from a number of domestic and international certifications. Also, students can access to all of our lectures anywhere and anytime using mobile devices.
We have established HD Studio and the cutting-edge media center that allows the production of broadcasting-level lecture contents to provide a better educational environment. The media center consists of 5 studios and a control room, along with the advanced multimedia system, including the high-quality digital video production and network-based creation system.
Our university has established network with major domestic companies, public enterprises, and about 800 other institutions. We are also developing practical education contents through the joint development with POSCO, KOTRA and DAEWOOSKY Institute.
The Primary goal of the Open Cyber University of Korea is to achieve student satisfaction. We are offering student education services exclusively for the registered students. We are also operating the support center for disabled students and those who are in the military service. Also, we provide a high-quality learning environment including a 140-seat complex with a large screen, and seminar rooms. All the professors and faculty at the Open Cyber University of Korea are making constant efforts for our students.
The Open Cyber University of Korea is showing the students the way of social participation and self-achievement, through the future-oriented professional major courses.

In the academic year 2018,
the college of Humanities and Social Sciences offers :
- The Department of English that provides education for fluent practical English and skilled English instructors for children
- The Department of Real Estate & Financial Assets that fosters a global leading practical experts in the field of real estate and financial asset businesses
- The Department of Entrepreneurial Business Management & Consulting, which is the only consultant training school for founding and managing business
- The Department of Social Welfare, which is a lamp that enlightens the welfare society that practices open-minded love!!
- The Department of Counseling Psychology that supports the student’s own happiness and other’s growth through the dedicated education for psychological counseling
- The Department of Integrative Arts Therapy that consists of the only therapeutic education courses in Korea by integrating various fields of arts
- And the Department of Counseling Psychology & Leadership for the Military that fosters professional military executives with future vision.

The College of Natural Sciences & Arts consists of :
- The Department of Jewelry Design & Business that fosters jewelry experts with an international mindset
- The Department of Beauty Health Design that studies for the design of the beauty of human body and health
- The Department of Disaster & Fire Protection that fosters experts in the field of disaster and fire management.

Start now. It’s not too late. Begin your second takeoff in your life. Then, you will meet a different, yet grown yourself.

For me, the Open Cyber University of Korea is the University here the dream never ends.
The university for new dreams!!! A largest place for learning to open the world!!! The best choice!!!
The Open Cyber University of Korea is my proud family.