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Disaster & Fire Protection


Interest and investment in a safe society is a global trend, and Korea is also making efforts to improve its capabilities in disaster safety, including firefighting. The Department of Disaster and Firefighting has a curriculum focusing on the acquisition of the Engineer Fire Fighting Facilities certification, a national firefighting certification, and all activities are centered on raising the competence and expertise of people working in the disaster safety field, including firefighting. The faculty is made up of top-notch professors, along with alumni working in the field of disaster safety and firefighting. The department already has agreements with fire department headquarters and major agencies.

Distinctive features

  • First disaster and firefighting department among four-year universities (Bachelor’s Degree of Disaster and Firefighting)
  • Signed MOUs with 15 fire departments, enterprises and professional organizations
  • Curriculum centered on Engineer Fire Fighting Facilities, a national certification
  • Upon graduation, issuance of Fire Technology Qualification Acknowledgement related to employment
  • Strengthening the practical capacity of firefighters and personnel working in the disaster and firefighting field
  • Alumni group consisting of people working in the disaster and firefighting field
  • Faculty consisting of experts in industry, science and academy
  • Opportunities to proceed to graduate schools

※ Engineer Fire Fighting Facilities

Related certificates

  • Professional Engineer Fire Fighting
  • Fire Protection Systems Manager
  • Engineer Fire Fighting Facilities
  • Industrial Engineer Fire Fighting Facilities
  • Industrial Engineer Hazardous Material
  • Master Craftsman Hazardous Material
  • Craftsman Hazardous Material
  • Fire Safety Educator
  • Fire Investigator
  • Fire Investigation and Evaluation Engineer
  • Manager of Fire and Security

Careers after graduation

  • Eligible for the special employment of firefighting officers (only graduates from firefighting-related departments can apply)
  • Eligible for the special employment and open employment of and promotion to disaster-safety-related public officers (only graduates from disaster-related departments can apply for special employment)
  • Qualified to apply for obligatory firefighter instead of military service
  • Issued the qualification notebook for employment (the Firefighting System Installation Business Act Article 28)
  • Fire safety managers of ordinary industrial companies and large buildings
  • Work in fire-related industrial companies (design, construction, supervision, inspection and manufacturing)
  • Related companies (safety department, product liability (PL) department, environment teams and disaster prevention room) and public companies and associations of firefighting and disaster
  • Enter research institutes (fire, fire prevention and electrical safety) and graduate schools
  • Increasing work opportunities after retirement as firefighters