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Beauty Health Design


Beauty, wellness, and healthcare are promising fields in the 21st century and are inseparable, and unlike other industries, they have the potential for steady development.
To succeed at the center of attention in an era of anti-aging, the OCU Department of Beauty and Health Design provides a curriculum of practical value including skin care, natural healing, scalp care, body and obesity management, life-cycle-specific care with care for pregnant women at the forefront, beauty and health design technology and integrated health care, study of complementary alternative natural healing, and exercise prescription, through which professional education on beauty and natural healing is offered to meet the needs for health and beauty.


  • Beauty Art and K-Beauty

    As a beauty art division for the cultivation of beauty artists, Beauty Art and K-Beauty includes courses concerning hair, makeup, nail art, and skin care, and various new beauty trends such as eyelash extensions, semi-permanent waxing and tattoos.

  • Beauty Care and Health Care

    Beauty Care and Health Care is a beauty division and teaches beauty care, healing and natural healing, and associated health-related therapy skills.

  • National Certification Division

    This division aims to help with the acquisition of national certifications.
    The curriculum consists of preparation courses for Hairdresser, Esthetician, and Nail Technician certifications and preparation courses for Health Educator, Forest Healing Instructor, and Social Welfare Worker Level 2 certifications.


After graduation, students can start their own beauty businesses or work throughout all of the beauty industry including cosmetics. In particular, as beauty lessons become compulsory in elementary, middle and high school, the demand for after-school and free-semester teachers is strong. Graduates can work as professors, professional beauty instructors, and, nowadays, specialists in the K-Beauty market such as makeup for media in broadcasting companies and film production.
Another area is the beauty and health field. Graduates can work as experts in the anti-aging industry, and the healthcare and preventive medicine market. In particular, as the trend of cosmetic surgery tours for Chinese people is followed by beauty tours, graduates can work as beauty specialists in after-surgery beauty care and obesity/diet care, combining beauty care and health care.

Distinctive features

The Department of Beauty and Health Design can help students to learn field-based beauty and health care, and professional training and knowledge centered on beauty therapies, and to acquire certifications all together.
Apart from the Hairdresser certification, graduates can receive Health Educator and Forest Healing Instructor certifications, and with a double major, Social Welfare Level 2 and Counseling Specialist Level 2, both of which are national certifications.
Another characteristic is the unique alumni culture of the department, which is so-called Familism. Among its students and alumni are prominent figures in the field of beauty art such as the head of a beauty association and the chairman of an institute. In addition, highly skilled shop owners in the esthetic industry, K-Beauty science artists – who spread Korea’s beauty technology from the home of K-Beauty to the world as well as China and Thailand – medical professionals such as a doctor of oriental medicine, a nurse and a physical therapist and sports people, and people studying natural healing and complementary and alternative medicine are all studying together. Students can study together and also share these social and human networks as family members and alumni and make a wonderful future.
Anyone who shares these dreams and passions can become a member of the department.