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Multimedia Design

I design my own future with snappy creativity.

Dean's message

Multimedia design leads cutting –edge visual culture in the current information age. It is the field of creative design activities which visualize information and make effective interface systems of digital media
The Department of Multimedia Design allows students to fully absorb an informed design process that provides lifelong support as they go on to engage in real-world design opportunities. The students gain a understanding of the principles of design, theories of communication, strategies for problem solving, and the characters of new media 
The curriculum gives students variable choices in the areas of design ranging from new media design such as UX, UI, Web Design to classic media design including graphic design, advertising design and editorial design

- Kim Jeong-hui Dean of the Department of Multimedia Design

Distinctive features

The Department of Multimedia Design emphasizes the creation of designs that fit the concept and practical ability based on the basic principles of design. To enhance this quality, the curriculum focuses on strengthening basic courses which encourage students to conceive ideas and visualize them. Through this process, students will be able to freely use a high degree of technique in their own ways and also accurately convey their intentions and the value of their objects with a sophisticated aesthetic.

Related certificates

  • National certifications

    Engineer Visual Communication Design, Engineer Colorist, Craftsman Computer Graphics Operation, Engineer Product Design, Craftsman Web Design, Outdoor Advertisement Agent

  • International certification

    Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) - Photoshop

  • Certification

    Calligraphy course

Careers after graduation

During the course, students can interact with experts in each multimedia sector, raising the possibility of participating in actual work. Moreover, they are directly connected with the field, so employment opportunities for students rise.
From the ICT industry to professional design companies, there is a growing demand for design, so students have a wider range of choices matching their aptitudes than in other majors.