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Integrative Arts Therapy

Dean's message

With the opening of the century of culture, expression art therapy is emerging. Art therapies and music therapies are already widely used, and now bibliotherapy, drama therapy and cinama/photo therapy can be used in the field of counseling. Bibliotherapy uses the healing power of reading and literature, drama therapy uses the intense power of dramas, and cinama/photo therapy uses the dynamic feelings of images and videos.
The Department of Integrative Arts Therapy first allows students to live a mature and happy life through their proper self-perceptions, and opens up doors to academic and practical fields in which they can help people who are struggling with social adjustment, including multicultural families and North Korean defectors. We invite those of you who are interested in counseling and treatment through art works and activities for those suffering from wounded minds and hoping for healthy lives.

Distinctive features

  • Understanding and curing of human beings with integrative expression arts
  • The only department among on- and off-line universities to integrate five arts therapies – reading, art, drama, film/photo and music
  • Fascinating curriculum for integrative arts therapy and highly qualified professors in Korea
  • Issuance of certifications concerning each department (Bibliotherapist, Art Psychotherapist, Drama Psychotherapist, Film/Photo Psychotherapist, and Music Psychotherapist)
  • Provision of offline workshops and 12 practice opportunities annually to qualify students as counseling specialists
  • Thanks to MOUs with prestigious institutes including the Korea Association of Bibliotherapy, Korean Association of Music Therapy, and Korean Photo Art Therapy Association, students completing related courses can acquire certifications from those institutes at ease

Related certificates

  • National

    Youth Counselor Level 3, Social Welfare Worker Level 2, Forest Healing Instructor Level 2

  • Association

    Art Therapist (Clinical Art Psychotherapy Counselor), Bibliotherapy Counselor, Art Psychotherapy Counselor, Psycho Drama Therapist, Clinical Music Psychologist, Photo Art Counselor Developmental Psychologist

  • Certifications
    from each

    Bibliotherapy Counselor, Art Psychotherapy Counselor, Drama Psychotherapy Counselor, Film/Photo Psychotherapy Counselor, Music Psychotherapy Counselor

Careers after graduation

  • Operation of own personal counseling offices : running personal art psychotherapy offices such as art, music, reading, drama, and film/photo psychotherapy counselor
  • Educational institutions : art psychotherapy counselors in nurseries, kindergartens, and after-school programs in elementary, middle and high schools or school counseling workers or contract teachers
  • Social welfare institutions : work as art psychotherapy counselors for libraries, social education institutions for children, youth and the elderly and various social welfare institutions
  • Hospitals : work as art psychotherapy counselors in pediatric psychiatry, mental, and geriatric hospitals
  • Others : advance to graduate schools at home and abroad, enhance their skills as art psychotherapy specialists and engage in related fields