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Counseling Psychology

Professional education to teach counseling psychology, which helps others grow through your own growth.

Dean’s message

The Department of Counseling Psychology leads you to ways to find your true self and live happily together with others. As a counselor, you can also lead a productive and altruistic life to help others grow along with your own growth. Welcome to the OCU Department of Counseling Psychology.

Distinctive features

The Department of Counseling Psychology is nurturing healthy, competent counseling specialists to help others who will lead social changes. Through this work, it will contribute to the healing of personal trauma and building healthy families and society.
Based on psychology, a person-oriented discipline, counseling psychology is used to cultivate counseling specialists with expertise and practical skills about counseling, and puts them in various human services to help others achieve self-realization, good interpersonal relationships, and better mental health.

  • 1) A four-year bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology with a 100% online class
  • 2) Possible to acquire six national certifications related to counseling

    ☞ Youth Counselor Level 3, Clinical Psychologist Level 2, Vocational Counselor Level 2, Social Welfare Worker Level 2, Forest Healing Instructor Level 2, National Childcare Teacher Level 2

  • 3) Upon graduation, eligible to apply for private certifications
  • 4) Possible to receive a degree for free with national grant (different rates depending on family income level) + school scholarship
  • 5) Bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology + advanced major
  • 6) Support for advancing to graduate schools and offline activities such as membership training, special lectures and academic seminars and online activities such as social network service (SNS) and online café meetings.
  • 7) Opportunities to experience and practice psychological counseling services

Related certificates

  • National

     Youth Counselor Level 3, Clinical Psychologist Level 2, Vocational Counselor Level 2, Social Welfare Worker Level 2, National Childcare Teacher Level 2, Forest Healing Instructor Level 2

  • Association

    Counseling Psychologist Level 2 (the Korean Counseling Psychological Association), Counseling Specialist Level 2 (the Korean Counseling Association), General Psychologist (the Korean Psychological Association)

  • Courses

    Possible to acquire certification before graduation after taking related courses
    Counseling Psychology Instructor Level 1 issued by the Korea Association of Counseling Department

  • School

    Child and Youth Psychotherapy Counselor, Career Coach Counselor, Art Psychotherapy Counselor, Bibliotherapy Counselor, Drama Psychotherapy Counselor, Film/Photo Psychotherapy Counselor

Careers after graduation

  • Counseling and psychotherapy areas

    Nationwide youth counseling centers, child counseling centers, adolescent protection centers, medical hospitals, mental hospitals, military counseling, counseling for the elderly, counseling for adults
  • Education area

    Consultative body of educational institutions, television consultants, broadcasters, lecturers, experts, and professors
  • Social welfare area

    Welfare institutions, facilities, organizations and associations for women, children, youth, and the elderly
  • Advance to graduate schools

    Graduate schools at home and abroad, graduate schools of education