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Social Welfare

Educational purpose

Social welfare studies is based on the scientific recognition of the structural contradictions of capitalist societies, and aims to conduct research and create knowledge of welfare policies and welfare administration to resolve such contradictions. At the same time, it teaches practical knowledge and skills on how to intervene and help to solve the difficulties of those already suffering from such contradictions or the risks caused by them. The educational purpose of the Department of Social Welfare is to foster social welfare experts armed with scientific theories and practical knowledge and skills for the realization of a welfare state where anyone can enjoy their life, and to lay the foundation for the construction of a welfare state.

Distinctive features

  • Superior faculty and excellent curriculum
  • A five subdivision major system in a combination of various fields and social welfare studies
  • Acquisition of national and private certifications
  • Human network with Department of Social Welfare alumni and professors
  • Eligible to take Social Welfare Worker Level 1 exams or to proceed to graduate school

Subdivisions of major

  • Childcare
  • Forest welfare
  • Welfare andtheology
  • Education and welfare
  • Welfare for the elderly

Childcare subdivision

The Childcare Subdivision is a course to foster childcare teachers with good personalities for nurturing well-rounded infants and children. To enhance the personality, qualities and expertise of childcare teachers, it organizes courses to cultivate the best childcare experts through face-to-face education, strengthening childcare practices, and personality education. After completing this course, graduates can acquire the National Childcare Teacher Level 2 Certification and the courses are organized to enable graduates to acquire the private certifications necessary for professionals.

Forest Welfare Subdivision

The welfare budget should be executed according to todays’ various welfare programs. However, health care spending caused by the current super-aging, complex society exceeds the budget to maintain productivity and ends up making us to think about social welfare and the budget at the same time. To that end, the government introduced the forest healing system to reduce social ills, and the Korea Forest Service enacted the Forest Welfare Promotional Act as part of a policy to enhance the happiness and health of the people and enthusiastically implemented the forest welfare service policy for the public. The Forest Welfare Subdivision in the Department of Social Welfare will provide people with the welfare of healing and rest in a forest or natural environment, and foster excellent talents in the age of the happiness of the people and public welfare.

Welfare and Theology Subdivision

Based on the mission theology, Sola Scriptura, Solus Christus, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, and Soli Deo Gloria, the Welfare and Theology Subdivision teaches the truth and lifestyle of Christianity, and cultivates professional ministries and laities on theology and welfare to evangelize people and the world through a proper understanding of the Bible. With student-centered lectures and professors with high research performance at home and abroad, the subdivision seeks truth in the Bible, enhances welfare and theology and nurtures talents with creative minds who contribute to the kingdom of God and human society.

Educational Welfare Subdivision

In response to various needs and problems related to the welfare of children and adolescents and school education, the Educational Welfare Subdivision aims to foster social workers specialized in educational welfare who can enhance the problem-solving ability and quality of living of the clients and also contribute to the realization of educational welfare.
It is appropriate for students who are interested in child and adolescent welfare and counseling or hope to work as elementary, middle and high school social workers and school program instructors or in after-school programs, local children’s centers, child welfare facilities and adolescent institutions.

Welfare for the Elderly Subdivision

As the nation is entering a super-aging society with an increasing number of the elderly, the importance of welfare for the elderly is growing day by day. The Welfare for the Aged Subdivision covers overall welfare services for the elderly in order to guarantee stable living and social activities for the elderly, who contributed to the development of the nation and society.