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Police &Security

Dean’s message

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you for your interest in the Department of Police Science and Security at OCU.
Our department opened to cultivate experts on criminal justice and security. Academic and practical demands for criminal justice – such as police study, criminology and security – are increasing in proportion to our society’s growing needs for security. With the changes in the security sector, there are demands for professional talents in public and private organizations including the police, prosecution, probation offices, correctional institutions, special judicial police, military investigation agencies, security offices and private security companies, security consulting companies, court security teams and parliament security.
To meet these needs, the faculty of the Department of Police Science and Security will strive to foster experts on criminal justice and security in our lifelong education system. Thank you for your attention and support.

Distinctive features

The objective of the Department of Police Science and Security is to cultivate creative professionals as guards and security as the importance of the national policing function conducted by the police, prosecution, courts, correctional institutions, etc. grows. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for police officer examinations, police officer promotion tests and police officer special employment examinations as well as for related qualification exams for certificates, including a security instructor certificate. In addition, law courses are available to be taken, giving students various legal knowledge along with general skills about work and the ability to take charge of professional and differentiated police services.

Related certifications

  • School Sheriff (private certificate)
  • Security Instructor: General Security Instructor, Machine Security Instructor (national certificate)
  • Eligible to take police officer special employment examinations
  • Various certifications such as counselor for crime victims, private investigators

Careers after graduation

  • Criminal justice : police officers, special judicial police, public officers in prosecutors’ offices, probation officers, court officers, correctional officers, narcotics agents, military investigators, and security officers
  • Security : port security, private security, security consulting, court security teams, parliament security, private investigators (to be selected as new job), investigators in insurance companies, industrial security
  • Proceeding to graduate schools : Entering graduate schools related to criminal justice (police study, criminology, security science, guard and safety science, forensic science)
  • Military service : After receiving a bachelor's degree in police, apply for the ROTC program, ROK Army Third Military Academy or as an M.P. sergeant