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The English major is aimed to foster English speaking professionals who can communicate well with the world in English.


The Department of English is among the first departments to open when OCU, Korea's first cyber university, was established in 2001. To nurture true intellectuals armed with professionalism, it provides the education necessary for the era of globalization and systematically designed, differentiated courses from basic to advanced practical English. Graduates of the Practical English major are active in the field of business, or as skilled English teachers in daycare centers, kindergartens and English language institutes.

Distinctive features

  • Acquisition of three certificates at the time of graduation
  • Systematic curriculum
  • Tutorial system with the best faculties
  • Special lectures by experts and active study groups


Recommended courses for each section

Courses to improve basic English ability

  • English
  • Basic English
  • English Listening
  • English Conversation
  • English Reading
  • English Writing

Courses for practical business English

  • Intermediate
    English Listening
  • Intermediate
    English Conversation
  • Practical English
  • Practical English
  • English Interview
    and Presentation

Courses related to culture, tourism and interpretation and translation

  • Understanding of
    British Culture
  • Understanding of
    American Culture
  • Screen
  • Tour Guide
  • English
    for Forest Healing
  • Theory and Practice of Interpretation
    and Translation

Certificates granted

  • OCU TESOL Certificate : This is an English teaching certificate issued in the name of the president of OCU.

    With this private certificate registered with the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET), graduates can run English language institutes or work as after-school English teachers.

  • Certificate in Teaching English to Children : This is the Certificate in Teaching English to Children issued in the name of the president of OCU.

    With this certificate, graduates can work as after-school English teachers for children or English teachers in childcare centers or kindergartens.

  • Forest Guide Certificate : This is a forest guide certificate for guiding foreigners issued in the name of the president of OCU.

    With this certificate, graduates can work as a forest guide and, after a training course, are eligible to apply for a national qualification, Forest Healing Instructor Level 2.

Careers after graduation

  • Children's English teacher, running English language institutes, working in study abroad agencies, interpreter and translator, working in air travel agencies, service work related to English
  • Forest guide for guiding foreigners, forest healing instructor
  • Studying further in graduate schools, graduate schools of education, graduate schools of interpretation and translation and graduate schools of trade