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Application period

  • Admissions for 1st session : Every December ~ February
  • Admissions for 2nd session : Every June ~ August

Qualifications for application

Qualifications by college year - Departments, Degrees
Classification Qualifications
New students High school graduates or those with the equivalent academic background
Transfer students in their sophomore year
  • Students who have earned 35 credits (2 semesters) or more in a 4-year- college
  • Students who have earned 35 credits or more according to the Act on the Credit Recognition
  • 2~3-year college graduates (to-be)
Transfer students in their junior year
  • Students who have earned 70 credits(4 semesters) or more in a 4-year-college
  • Students who have earned 70 credits or more according to the Act on the Credit Recognition
  • 2~3-year college graduates (to-be)
Second Bachelor's Degree Graduate of a 4-year-college with a bachelor's degree

Screening process

  • Academic ability test 60%
  • Study plan 40%

Admission process

Admission process
STEP 01 Check admission plan Check the admission plan of the school year you want to apply for
※ Choose the year and admission type which fits you
Completion of application form Submit online application
※ Input right information about yourself
Payment of application fee Pay application fee with online payment
Apply foradmission test Take online admission test
Document submission Submit education documents and associated additional documents
(application form and scholarship document)
STEP 02 Notification of the result Notice of the results of the screening process
STEP 03 Course Registration Register for the courses for one semester
※ From at least four courses (12 credits) to a maximum of six courses (18 credits)
Tuition payment Pay tuition fees according to registered courses
STEP 04 Enrollment Take classes from the beginning of the semester

Required documents

  • New students: high school diploma
  • Transfer students: diploma and a transcript from previous university

※ Submit additional associated admission documents and scholarship documents

※ Students who have completed school education abroad should submit each document verified in Korean and the confirmation of academic recognition.


  • Application fee : 20,000 won
  • Admission fee : 250,000 won
  • Tuition fee : Differs according to the units of credit registered. (61,000 won per credits)
Tuition - Classification, Number of registered courses
Division Unit of credits registered
12 credits 15 credits 18 credits
Tuition fee 982,000 won 1,165,000 won 1,348,000 won