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OCU Vision

OCU makes your dream come true!

Open Cyber University of Korea is Korea’s first cyber university
and will develop to be Korea’s representative cyber university.

Open Cyber University of Korea



Realization of open education for future happiness


  • Strengthen the competitiveness of the educational organization

  • Establish a student-centered service system

  • Secure a stable financial foundation


  • Strengthening
    brand power

    • Secure talented human resources
    • Develop quality contents
    • Build partnerships for shared growth
    • Characterize education for students with disabilities
  • Establishing
    future-oriented curriculum

    • Create convergence-type curriculum
    • Reflect future job trends
    • Find professional qualifications
  • Strengthening the competitiveness
    of university operation

    • Strengthen the competitiveness of education
    • Increase student size
    • Fulfill advanced university management
    • Enhance system