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OCU's symbols

You can download OCU’s symbol UI (University Identity) and character.


OCU’s UI signifies an “infinite learning ground for infinite education open to all.” This represents OCU pursuing the true value of practical studies in the cyber age.

The design intent and meaning of the symbol

  • The three exterior circles of the symbol side-by-side are the sun, the moon and the earth, united to express the strong will of OCU to realize the idea of ​​universal infinite education.
  • The inside of the symbol is designed not only to make OCU easy to recognize and remember, but also to embody the image of the infinite world or the open world.
  • The antenna image outside of the symbol is intended to represent the characteristic of cyber education, which does not sleep, and the incessant exchanges with the wider world.


Mine and Rva met Athene, the goddess of wisdom, and ruled over the wisdom of the world in Greek mythology and then fell into a deep sleep for a long time.
While sometimes working as Harry Porter’s messengers and considered a symbol of non-sleeping philosophy, they fell in love with each other in the most tranquil part of the world. With the rapidly changing world and the advent of the Internet era, OCU constantly developed as a leading cyber university, opening up the dream of learning, and Mine and Rva were at last able to wake up from their deep sleep.
In the fall of 2003, Mine and Rva began a thousand-year flight with OCU, giving wisdom beyond time and space to those who dream of learning. - “The birth story of the characters Mine and Rva“

Front, Back, Side, Top

  • Name Mine
  • Gender Male
  • Age Even it does not know
  • Hometown OCU
  • Blood type OCU+ type
  • Hobby Internet voyages

  • Name Rva
  • Gender Female
  • Age The same age as Mine
  • Hometown OCU
  • Blood type OCU- type
  • Hobby Internet voyages

AI download PNG download JPG download

The design intent and meaning of the characters

  • The characters symbolize OCU’s educational ideology of cultivating the pioneers of practical studies in the Internet age, surpassing the limits of time and space.
  • They embody the owl, which was a close friend and associate and always lent wisdom and courage to Minerva or Athene, the goddess of wisdom.
  • They feature an owl which represents a wise man with wisdom, philosophy and wits.Owls are considered a symbol of wealth, longevity and messengers, and at the same time show strong belonging, regardless of time and space, so they were combined with OCU’s educational ideology to become the characters.