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Open Cyber University of Korea is
a new paradigm in cyber education!


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    Educational Philosophy

    Open education based on humanism

    Based on humanism regarding human dignity and welfare as the best values, Open Cyber University of Korea fulfills its responsibility as a higher education institution, and goes toward being a future-oriented distant college. To defy standardized, identical, formalized and inhuman education, OCU seeks various possible alternatives, from different viewpoints, in the school system, curriculum, teaching methods and the relationship between academic institutions and society. OCU contributes to the realization of human education and helps self-realization and accelerates education suitable for society by encouraging the development of free human minds and creativity.

  • 02

    Educational Purpose

    OCU cultivates talents with practical knowledge, creative intelligence and manners and affection for humans through education open to every human, place, thought and method.

  • 03

    Educational Objectives

    We are committed to educating our students to be:

    • Autonomous
    • Practical
    • Creative
    • Open-minded
    • Well-rounded
      cultured person
    • Autonomous learner who achieves self-improvement and self-realization through challenging new knowledge.
    • Practical professional who leads information society using their rational thinking and knowledge.
    • Creative Intellectual who has great problem-solving skills with creative thinking and knowledge in various fields.
    • Open-minded volunteer with social responsibility who love and respect humans.
    • Well-rounded cultured person with flexible thinking who has at least a basic knowledge of various disciplines.